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Standard Bulk Bags (FIBC's)

CorrPakBPS bulk bags (FIBC's) are manufactured by ISO-certified facilities from around the globe. These bulk bags come in a variety of styles, including U-panel, circular, and baffle bags. Many options are available for these UV-treated FIBC's with regard to filling, discharging, and lifting. Liners are optional, and both coated and uncoated fabrics are available. CorrPakBPS bulk bags can be made sift-proof or 100% dust-proof, depending upon particle size, using coated fabric. Filler cord or felt can be used to make these FIBC's sift-proof or dust-proof. Our CorrPakBPS packaging professionals work closely with you to determine individual requirements. Contact CorrPakBPS and our representatives will help you develop an FIBC that will meet the requirements for your specific application.

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for FIBC Bulk Bag Features - Specifications - Options
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