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Barless Woven PE or PP Bulk Container Liner


The Ultimate Economy in Packaging and Handling

Packing, handling and transportation significantly increase the final cost of your materials. To minimize this necessary expense CorrPakBPS offers you the revolutionary Barless Woven Container Liner for packing and transport of bulk materials like wheat, rice, pulses, coffee, malt, oil seeds, sugar, urea and more. This liner is like a giant bag made to fit a 20 or 40 ft. container tied to all sides by straps provided on the liner. Your material can be manually filled, conveyed, or pneumatically inserted through your choice of openings in the end of the liner. When the container reaches its destination it can be evacuated through various made-to-order discharge port configurations or can simply be cut open to discharge the contents.


CorrPakBPS Barless Woven Container Liners are available in various designs and materials to suit individual needs. These are produced from coated and uncoated Polypropylene/High density Polyethylene woven fabric to suit a wide spectrum of materials.

PP belt reinforcements overcome the bulging in front, and support the weight of the load when discharging the product.

For filling and discharge of material there are many options. An open flap cover is ideal if the container is to be filled manually. Two small (fill/vent) port type inlets or one single wide (conveyance) port type inlet are available. Two small or one wide discharge port will be provided per your choice or requirements.



Eliminates the need for costly steel bars to support the load at container doorway

  • Low cost of packaging material: Up to 90% savings
  • Low handling cost: More than 95% savings in handling costs during both loading and unloading
  • Low transport cost: About 20% more material is packed and transported in the same 20 foot container resulting in lower freights per ton
  • Problem of disposal of packaging material is grossly reduced

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