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Roll-off Bulk Container Liner

The Roll-off Assemblies Liner is a form-fitted disposable polyethylene container liner used in roll-off assemblies, dump trucks, and rail gondolas when transporting bulk solids and sludge. This container liner reduces the risk of leaks, reduces washout costs, and increases container longevity. It can be easily installed by one person, and can provide a top cover for added security during transportation. The Roll-off Assemblies Liner comes in thicknesses from 2 to 20 mil, in clear and black liners.


  • Liner seals outside the container to improve leak protection.
  • Reduces washout costs and increases container longevity.
  • Can be installed easily by one person from outside the container.
  • Ensures a shorter turnaround time at landfills.
  • Provides added security and safety when transporting bulk solids and sludge.
  • Provides a top cover aiding in dust and odor control.

Roll-off Liners

Dump Trailer Liners
Description Sidewall Size |       Description Sidewall Size
20 Yarder Short Sidewall 22x96x66 |       30 Feet Short Sidewall 30x96x66
20 Yarder Long Sidewall 22x96x72 |       30 Feet Medium Sidewall 30x96x72
30 Yarder Short Sidewall 22x96x72 |       30 Feet Long Sidewall 30x96x96
30 Yarder Long Sidewall 22x96x96 |       30 Feet X-Long Sidewall 30x96x120
40 Yarder Short Sidewall 22x96x120 |       35 Feet Short Sidewall 35x96x66
40 Yarder Long Sidewall 22x96x120 |       35 Feet Medium Sidewall 35x96x72
      |       35 Feet Long Sidewall 35x96x96
      |       35 Feet X-Long Sidewall 35x96x120
      |       39 Feet Short Sidewall 39x96x66
      |       39 Feet Medium Sidewall 39x96x72
      |       39 Feet Long Sidewall 39x96x96
      |       39 Feet X-Long Sidewall 39x96x120

All sizes available in the following gauges: .003, .004, .006, .010

All sizes available in the following gauges: .003, .004, .006, .010


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