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Corrpak's Container Liner Benefits & Features

If your product is a dry, free flowing product and moves in bulk, it can be put in our liners!
Below are just a few features and the benefits of switching to container liners from other non-bulk packaging.


Contamination- Free movement of your product

Liners are available in 20', 30', 40' lengths

Used to replace boxes, bags, drums, etc.

Alternative bulkhead systems can be used

Liner body totally compatible

Simple liner installation

Liners are lightweight and strong
20' liner     12 kg     26 lbs
30' liner     16 kg     35 lbs
40' liner     22 kg     48 lbs

Variable cargo volumes

Ideal for various loading systems

Discharge assistance systems available


Product arrives in same condition as it departed

Accommodates use of various size containers

Ease of handling, reduced labor costs

Use of wooden bulkheads or steel bars system with flexible polyethylene support equally suitable

After use, the liner can be recycled and used for 2nd grade uses such as plastic bags, garden furniture, etc.

Saved labor costs

Easier handling, quicker installation and lower freight costs


e.g. Up to 27 metric tomes PTA in 20' liner

Suitable for gravity, conveyor or blown systems for top or end loading

CorrpakBPS can customize the discharge system to fit your needs. Examples include airbags, multiple chutes, fishtail discharge and wide-mouth openings




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