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No matter where your company is the world, CorrpakBPS has got you covered!

Below is just a handful of applications that Corrpak services. From commodities to the high-end, Corrpak can help you find cost-effective solutions for your company. 
Canada Company shipping malt to beer  companies world wide. Malt has been carried for many years and is primarily shipped in 20' Woven Coated Sewn Liners.
Mexico Export to 2 companies ( 1 multi-national ). Products packaged include PTA and PET. These 2 companies have recently started using bulk movement; CorrpakBPS has worked with both to develop liners suitable for their requirements and the liners are woven and coated with a special tape over seams technology.
Columbia Export to a sugar distributor who ships in CorrpakBPS's Co-Extruded PE Film container liners.
Germany CorrpakBPS ships its special Co-Extruded PE Film container liners with a moisture and contamination sensitive material to a logistic provider that distributes this material through western Europe.
Qatar Export to 2 companies who ship PE Resin worldwide. Corrpak has been supplying this company for over 5 years.
Saudi Arabia Export to 1 multi-national company  for over 4 years. The product packaged is PR Resin. There has been a continual development of the liner over the years with slightly modified liners used by other subsidiaries in other countries ( Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Thailand )
South Korea Corrpak is currently working the design and development of liners for 2 large petrochemical companies. These 2 products include PTA and PET.
Russia Corrpak has been providing its uncoated, barless baffle liners for agriculture seeds for 1 customer for over 4 years.
Mexico Export to 1 large petrochemical company shipping polymers. They are currently using our 40' woven, coated sewn container liners.
Guatemala Currently selling to a logistic provider distributing refined sugar throughout North America. They are using Corrpak's 20' Co-Extruded PE Film container liners to provide better moisture protection for the sugar.
Thailand Export to 2 very large multi-national petrochemical companies. One has been served for over 8 years with continual development resulting from modification of the liner supplied to the parent company. The other company has been supplied for 6 years with Corrpak's standard 20' woven, coated liner.
Australia Export to 2 large grain companies. Corrpak's 20' woven, uncoated barless liner is being used for their bulk shipments.
Holland / Spain Regularly exports to subsidiaries of UK based, USA owned multinational company. Product PTA and PET. Many years of service provided.
EU Member States All are served via UK based freight forwarders who send our liners for use by exporters to transport goods to the UK ( chemicals and foods ).
United States CorrpakBPS has a large petrochemical base of customers. Products primarily carried are PE Resin, PP Resin, PS Resin and PVC Resin. CorrpakBPS also has a strong base of agriculture customers who ship salt, grain, and agriculture seeds. Liners used are the standard 20' and 40' woven sewn liners as well as heat sealed aluminum and PE Film container liners.






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